The Friends Organization

The Friends of Hart Park is a non profit California corporation composed of volunteers who donate their time and talents to help raise funds and otherwise support the Park and Museum as a supplement to the County of Los Angeles.

The organization is directed by a board of directors elected annually. The current President is Santa Clarita City Councilwoman, Laurene Weste.

Memberships are available in several categories. Many Friends volunteer to assist in organizing and conducting events and operating the Trading Post. There are also many opportunities to volunteer as tour guides of the mansion or do other interesting and fulfilling things.

Funds are earned by conducting special events that celebrate the life and times of Hart, or are related in some way to the Western way of life. These events allow the membership and guests to experience the mansion and its surroundings firsthand and in an intimate way not experienced by the casual visitor. It is a very special place.

The Friends have done many things to assist in the preservation promotion and maintenance of the park and museum, including donating all or part of the cost for several projects.


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